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Sleepy is a rapper originally from Missouri City, TX, now residing just outside of Houston. An LSU Alum, Sleepy began rapping alongside his cousin in 5th grade and later started a crew, Platinum Edition, with his closest high school friends. It was at LSU that Sleepy began taking music seriously. As members of the Golden Band from Tigerland, Sleepy met B3 and they began making music together after joining Common Era Records with B3's roomate, Daniel Williams. Sleepy worked and performed with several producers and artists while in Baton Rouge including DJ Ya Boy Earl, Mr. Hanky, Dee-1, Ewell Netter, King Trally, Big Fav, and BBK Phat.  In 2007, Sleepy launched Already Entertainment with former LSU RB Lavar Johnson and has released several albums available on all streaming platforms including the highly praised project "Revenge of a Nerd" produced by Pugtunes with features from Lil' Flip and Delorean. 

One can hear both the Texas and Louisiana influence in Sleepy's flow and sound but his music is heavily directed by a triad of musical personas related to moods and life experiences during his songwriting process. Sleepy is outside of himself in much of his music, seeing what he’s been, what he could be, and what he should be. The beats, often provided by Baton Rouge producer Ajondatrack, set the mood while the persona delivers the message or story.

At any point in time Sleepy will give you the Scholar – the ambitious career student who's goal oriented and always looking to learn and unite the different subcultures. Sleepy has always been nerd-like, socially awkward, but cool. In this mood, Sleepy is mostly reflective, upbeat, and arrogant at times. Gatsby – the grown-up, ambitious, overachiever that still feels like something is missing. He has high anxiety, but is on an endless pursuit of wealth and the undoing of regrets. This version of Sleepy is introspective, laid back and more melodic. Reaper – the result of a sensitive napoleon complex. All sensed disrespect produces the music from this vengeful sound and persona. This is the dark side of a man who, at times,  feels like it's Sleepy VS. The World.

In all personas, Sleepy is still your regular corporate guy with hidden talents, much like a Superhero. 
The purpose in his music is to encourage people to embrace who they are ALREADY, use that strength to overcome personal demons, and progress their kingdom. 

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